How to win at Online Slots

Most people play the slots because they are fancy and that gives people the impression that they might win a lot of money.

Besides, slots are the most luck driven gambling methods, if you are the type that don’t like complications, slots are your best friend. And if you’re looking for a  professional strategy and recommendations, this is your guide.

1. set a budget

If you ask any professional gambler on how to win, 9/10 would say that you need a budget or bankroll. Knowing your own budget will identify what slots you need to go for. Remember to stick with the budget you set, discipline is the key for any long term winnings.

2. Identify the full betting range of the slot machine

Different slots have different pay lines, find one that actually makes you think they are being generous. After that, remember to always count how many spins you can get out of your budget.

Lets say you have a $100 budget, should you go for a $5 full pay per spin slot? Of course not! Do the math, you will only get 25 spins out of your budget and after 5-6 minutes, you will most likely be leaving empty handed.

In short, Choose a slot that can give you at lease 150 spins with your budget.  This reduces the chance of you losing as you maximize the effectiveness of probability. That way you can enjoy the fun while having decent chances in the long run.

Besides that, always go for the maximum pay lines. Most online slots gives better return as players chose the maximum pay lines. There are also some slots that limits the jackpot to only the maximum bet.

3. Only play at casino that gives BONUSES

Most online casino operators are generous enough to give their customers bonuses, like AFBCASH. So find ones that gives bonuses because you just get free extra budget and that means extra chances to win!