Vici vs EG – Dota2 ChengDu Major Prediction 11-20-2019


Vici Gaming vs Evil Geniuses – MDL ChengDu Major

Will the American Powerhouse Evil Geniuses slay two ‘dragons’ from china in a row? We will find out today as Vici Gaming goes up against Evil Geniuses in today’s second winner’s bracket match!

Rooster and Play Style Analysis

Vici Gaming

Position Name
1 Eurus (Paparazi)
2 Ori
3 Yang
4 Pyw
5 Dy
Coach rOtk


Evil Geniuses

Position Name
1 Arteezy
2 Abed
4 Cr1t-
5 Fly


In terms of and individual strength, EG definitely feel like the more dominant of the two. We previously doubt RAMZES666’s abbility in playing as a position 3, and after the game against IG, we can conclude that RAMZES666  is the greedy type of off-lane, similar to Universe. It’s not a bad play style, but with Arteezy, Abed and Cr1t- all having greedy play styles, we feel that EG might be too greedy of a line-up and might draft themselves into trouble.

Vici Gaming on the other hand have the most technically skilled player, Eurus (Formerly Paparazi, the DAC  2018 1v1 Champion) as their position 1. While Dy, Ori and Yang are from the old Vici Gaming that dominated tournaments and finished 5-6th placed during TI8. The team includes new player Pyw from Team Serenity to replace their previous captain, Fade as position 4. The team currently have no captain, and this might be a double edge sword.

Due to the reasons above, we think Vici gaming should have better chemistry among their players and have the edge on this match-up. EG’s greedy playing style might get punished by a more disciplined and well tuned team like Vici Gaming.

Recent Performance

In the match EG vs IG, the match was decided in part, due to good plays from EG. But the major decider of the match is more on IG making sloppy plays and over committing when they have the advantage. As previously stated, we feel that EG’s game plan, play styles and draft are too greedy, although it worked out against IG, we feel a better team should have punished their greed better.

Vici Gaming did played and ended up at an unconvincing 5-6th placed at ESL One Hamburg, but keep in mind that they played the tournament with stand-in Malaysian player X1aOyU. That tournament dose not reflect their actual strength, and before the rooster shuffle, Vici Gaming was one of the teams that strive on the discipline department.

During their group stages, they won against Alliance and Team Spirit and ended up top of group B (both games are won 2-1). Besides, their first games during the play-offs is an easy breeze against EternalEnvy’s stack Fighting Pandas, with both match ending before the 30 minute mark.

Other Factors

Vici Gaming is playing at home ground (China).

Predictions on IG vs EG Chengdu Major 2019

Team to Win

  • Vici Gaming 2 – 1 Evil Geniuses (EG)

First Blood

  • Vici Gaming*

If Abed gets an aggressive hero like QOP, TA or Ember, we should expect EG getting higher chances for first blood.

First to 10 Kills

  • Vici Gaming (IG)

As previously stated, team Vici Gaming is the more stable and disciplined team and this might be EG’s play-styles Achilles heel. EG likes to play greedy, we think this greedy style might make them lose the edge during the early game.

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