English Premier League – Spurs and Mauricio Pochettino Parted Ways


Tottenham Hotspur sacked manager Mauricio Pochettino on Tuesday as team struggles to perform

After 5 years in charge, the Argentinian manager was sacked as the team fails to deliver results. Mauricio Pochettino was appointed by Tottenham on 2014, where he managed to strengthen the team and elevate Tottenham to new heights, Tottenham under the Argentinian finished 5th on 2014/15 EPL season, 3rd on 2015/16 EPL season, 2nd on 2016/17 EPL season, 3rd on 2017/18 EPL season and finally 4th on EPL 2018/19. One could say Mauricio Pochettino made Spurs the strongest team in North London and a force to be reckoned in the EPL. The Argentinian also managed a miraculous Champions League Final Run with 0 Pounds spend last season, show casing the quality of his players and his prowess as a manager.

All of the fantastic performance however, have lead to a disappointing start for Spurs this season. Tottenham only managed to win 3 of their 12 EPL games, spelling the club’s worst start under the Argentinian . Besides, they also got knocked-out by Colchester United during the League Cup and lost 7-2 to Byren Munich in their Champions League Group stage.


Aside from Mauricio Pochettino getting sacked, his assistant Jesus Perez and the rest of his staffs have also been removed from their duties.

The official Club statement by Daniel Levy are as follow

“We were extremely reluctant to make this change and it is not a decision the Board has taken lightly, nor in haste”

Daniel Levy then address the reason of the movement citing regrettable domestic performance.

“Regrettably domestic results at the end of last season and beginning of this season have been extremely disappointing.”

Daniel Levy then stated that Mauricio Pochettino will be remembered in Spurs history, and the staff and members will always be welcomed at Spurs.

“Mauricio and his coaching staff will always be part of our history,”

“I should like to thank him and his coaching staff for all they have contributed. They will always be welcome here.”

Anyway, with Spurs eagerly looking for a new Manager, the general public opinion think the club should supported the manager instead of sacking him. Former Spurs player and England Striker Gary Lineker dose not think that Tottenham will find a good replacement, stating “He helped the club to punch massively above their weight for years,” and “Good luck with finding a better replacement…ain’t gonna happen.”

As the time being, we shall see who Daniel Levy choose as Totteham’s new Manager.