Why 1 Wallet System by AFBCash is Amazing!

Afbcash 1 Wallet System_AFBSportsbook
Afbcash 1 Wallet System_AFBSportsbook

If you ever paid your bills with any cashless e-payment methods like Touch and Go wallet or Boost, you are bound to encounter situations where you would wish that they are connected, interlinked and treated as 1 wallet system.

The idea of being able to link all your cashless payment methods is too good to be true, having only one wallet for all your payment and worries without the hassle of topping up on different wallet systems sounds far fetched. However, that exact far fetched dream is what AFBCash Malaysia Online Casino brings to its users, a 1 Wallet System!

How does AFBCash’s 1 Wallet System work?

AFBCash is one of The Most Trusted Online Casino In Malaysia with a great track record over the past 15 years in the online gambling industry. They have always try to innovate and redesign the gambling system to better-fit user needs, and one of their recent approaches, their 1 Wallet System is showing some promising results in terms of user-friendliness!

If you ever joined an Online Casino, you will realize there are a heck lot of gaming platforms out there and players like to play on the latest platform possible. Players often get bored really quickly and wish to move to another to try out new excitements! Or sometimes you just feel like certain gaming platform is unlucky and just wish to swap to another.

Whatever the reason, let’s say you want to play online slots at XE88, but your money is on 918Kiss. If it were any other online casinos, you will need to cash out on 918Kiss and then transfer the funds to XE88, such a tedious and unnecessary process!

Here is where AFBCash’s 1-wallet-system comes in handy! Players on AFBCash can just go to any of the available gaming platforms on AFBCash and buy-in and buy out, no penalty or any extra charges required!


Why is the 1 Wallet System Important?

Well, if you’re into gambling and stuff, being able to play on the most recent platforms means keeping on the trend and being able to enjoy the best online betting experience the market has to offer.

Having the 1 Wallet System future proofs your investment for your gambling hobby, it’s just as simple as that. You can freely transfer all your funds whenever and wherever you feel like it.

When there is a new gaming platform, you won’t hesitate to join as you’re only a few button clicks away from joining the new platform!

Dose Bonuses Works?


AFBCash offers a lot of online casino deposit bonuses, and all the funds in your account can be freely transferred among the gaming platforms on AFBCash!

Please read and understand AFBCash Online Casino’s Promotion terms and conditions, to better understand how it works and the requirements.

Why play on AFBCash?

Aside from the previously discussed awesome 1 Wallet System and from being a well established online casino for more than 15 years in Malaysia and South-East Asia Region. AFBCash is accessible on mobile platforms like iOS and Android.

It uses modern technology to develop the site and ensure it is 100% safe when players bet on their mobile. Players who love mobile bettingĀ can access 24 hours a day as it is so convenient. Especially in this era, everyone has at least one mobile phone. Players can bet with their mobile phone anytime and anywhere.

In addition to that, AFBCash has a professional team of Customer Support that operates for 24/7. Their Customer Support is capable to converse in any language, including Malay, English, Chinese and many more. Players can get immediate assistance when they need help on all the casino processes like registration, deposit, withdrawal, promotions, etc.

Join the fun on AFBCash now by registering!