7 Smart Gambling Tips for Beginners


Have you ever heard of the phrase “Work Smart, not hard” ? The same concept can be applied into gambling as well.  If you know what you are doing when you’re gambling, chances are you will end up with a small fortune. Here are 7 smart gambling tips for you!

1.knowing the house edge

The house edge dose not mean that the house is cheating on you! It simply means that the house always have a mathematical advantage over you as a player.

However, as a smart gambler, you should know which games actually gives the player the best odds against the house.

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2.establishing a bankroll

Let’s be realistic, you don’t always win money while you’re gambling. Gambling is more about the fun and thrills rather than making a profit out of it.

So, to know how much you are willing and able to lose is key for a smart gambler. As knowing your limits will make you keep a clear mind while gambling, and make sound decisions.

3. Know thy game

Don’t play any casino game seriously unless you know it really well. It’s one thing to spend a few bucks while learning or just having fun, but it’s another to play it over and over without knowing the fine details of odds, strategy, etc.

4. Know more than one game

It’s fine to “specialize” in one game, but you should know two games or more well. There will be times when it’s smart to walk away from a game. Maybe your head just isn’t working well at that time or the game is too hot the wrong way.

5. Slots are for fun

Show me one player that’s played slots a ton and has won a lot and I’ll show you either someone that happened to get lucky by hitting a very large jackpot or a liar. Slots are for fun, not profit. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying them in doses, but don’t make this your main game.

6. A tip is a loss

This is for the guys and gals playing in the real world. It’s a common courtesy for players to tip good dealers or the cocktail waitress. This is fine, but it’s money lost, so you need to treat it as such. If you’re playing $1 Blackjack and you’re up $10 when the cocktail waitress comes around think for a minute. If you tip $1, you’ve just lost 10% of your profits. I’m not saying don’t tip, but you need to keep it relative. And all money out is money lost-good cause or not.

7. Love what you do

It doesn’t matter if Baccarat (House Bet) is the best bet in the house if the game bores you to tears. You’ve got to love what you’re doing. If not, you’ll get mentally lazy and that’s when money is lost for sure. Stick with your passions. And there you go. That’s 7 solid tips to becoming a smart gambler.

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