Online Deposit Help2Pay User Review!


As society is rapidly moving towards e-payment and cashless payment, all the Best Online Casino in Malaysia are gearing up for this trend. Hence, AFBCash Online Casino proudly presents our latest, fastest and easiest Online Deposit Method, Help2Pay!

What is Help2Pay?

Help2Pay is a trusted E-Wallet that is widely used by Online Casinos throughout Southeast Asia. Ever since their debut in 2013, they have shown that they are a creditable, reliable and trusted E-Wallet service provider, and is used by virtually every Popular Online Casinos in South East Asia.

Why is it So Popular?

Primarily, Help2Pay did a fantastic job of tailoring their services and operations to suit the South East Asia market.

Supports Most SEA Currencies

Their services are clearly regional focus, as Help2Pay has tailored their services to accept Southeast Asia’s most popular and dominant currencies. Which includes Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), Myanmar (MMK), Thai Baht (THB), and Vietnamese Dong (VND).

Unlike Europe where every country uses a single, dominant currency like the Euro, the people of South-East Asia prefers to use their own currency. Most Payment Solution provider fails in the South East Asia market because they fail to handle the diversity of currencies in the South East Asia Region, making managing a payment solution service a nightmare.

However, Help2Pay is one of the only payment solution service providers that actually did a great job. Having customer support for most the SEA countries, they provide their service to basically all banking firms, allowing their users to use the bank and currency they prefer.

Security & Reliability

Besides, We found them to be the most reliable and secure service provider in the SEA market. Help2Pay do not disclose their client information and uses the latest security protocol and data encryption methods. They have a fraud protection system to ensure their users don’t get scammed, the payment must be confirmed by both parties if not the funds can be refunded by the customer.

In terms of Reliability, Help2Pay operates 24/7 all year round even during major Holidays. They also have a professional customer service team to process all their user’s settlement request, which they guarantee to process such requests within 3 hours!

Ease to Use

Their interface is quite easy to understand if you have done e-payment before. They have a 4 step guide for using their service ,and it’s very easy to pick up even for newbies!

How Help2Pay Works?


In terms of function, Help2Pay has a process that is easy to understand. Help2Pay’s corporate description highlights a similarity to eWallets. Initially, players start by visiting their preferred online store or gambling brand, create or login to their account and they will then be in a position to make a transaction, as simple as that!

After choosing the value of their purchase or deposit, a customer can then select Help2Pay as their payment method. To do so, they will be asked to enter their login details through a secure portal. Help2Pay will then process the transaction by bridging between the website and the player’s bank.

Why Should you Bet at AFBCash?

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